Energy efficiency

Secure, powerful and efficient – that’s what we expect of the electricity network. This is where the grid operators come in. But they don’t have an easy job, as demand can be subject to considerable fluctuations. And because we’ll need more electricity in the future, network operators are also busy expanding the power grid. There’s plenty to do!

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COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH Hall 6 / J28
Product & Solutions

Improve grid security with simulations

Grid components have to meet various standards in terms of safety. Whether they do, is often known only after testing in the laboratory. With the help of simulations, such analyses can be carried out safely in a virtual environment even before the first production.

HARTING AG Hall 6 / J09
Know-How / Tutorial

Plug & play in power generation

The Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sector (PGTD) faces various challenges. Due to the large sums of data and signal transmissions required for monitoring all the equipment in the generation and distribution process, reliable connection is critical.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
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Buildings as energy hubs

With our Buildings as a Grid approach, you can transform your building into an energy hub to take advantage of the new power paradigm, better manage existing electrical infrastructure and prepare for future energy requirements.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
Product & Solutions

Forecasting Tools for Energy and Efficiency

Predictions of energy flows, consumption and production are becoming increasingly important. Future requirements and expectations seem to have no limits. We at Girsberger Informatik AG have more than 15 years of experience with forecasting systems.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23

Energy systems in transition

The further development of markets and power grids are influenced by various factors. The transformation of energy systems, the change in European and national regulations, the increase in efficiency and digitalization are decisive benchmarks.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
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SILOVEDA Web and Energy Portal

The SILOVEDA web and energy portal is built with modular widgets and thus meets customer-specific requirements in the simplest way. It supports responsive display for web browser, tablet and smartphone

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Due to the increasing changes in electrical networks, load flow information is becoming more and more important, for distribution network operators especially also in combination with power quality data.

Axpo Hall 5 / E24

Economical solution for the conversion of power lines

Optimise the existing electricity grid infrastructure, increase supply security and save money at the same time. Axpo's insulated suspension chains make it possible to increase the transmission capacity of the grid while retaining the overhead line pylons.

Tesenso GmbH Hall 6 / EnergyXploit AG i.G. / c/o Boesch Busines Center AG
Product & Solutions

IoT retrofit solution for energy meters enables planning for industrial sites

For a customer in the pharmaceutical industry, we were able to retrofit more than 50 energy meters with IoT retrofit devices on an industrial site that is to be gradually converted and thus provide the planners with a reliable data basis for their planning project.

PFIFFNER International AG Hall 5 / E10
Product & Solutions

AIS instrument transformer SF6-free solutions

Trench and Pfiffner, both leading manufacturers of AIS High Voltage Instrument Transformers with SF6 insulation, with the aim to support decarbonization efforts, commit to focus their development activities in this product application on entirely F-gas free solutions.

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