The Event Concept

Here’s how it works: Exchange, information, exhibition 

The event concept is built on the pillars of forum, networking and exhibition. The conceptual development covers the needs of our target groups even better and consolidates the event’s status as the meeting place for the Swiss electricity industry. 

1. Hear what the industry experts have to say 

The Powertage Forum will highlight a range of perspectives on current topics such as “Intelligent Usage of Electricity”, “Private Consumption”, “Mobility” and “Storage”. Lively discussions on these issues will take place in podium presentations and talks. 

2. Marvel at innovative products and solutions 

The well-established Powertage event stays close to the market, which is also reflected by the current and comprehensive offerings of our exhibitors. The innovations, products and services presented during the trade fair demonstrate concrete solutions, particularly for professionals at energy supply companies as well as those responsible for procuring electricity for bulk purchasers and the public sector.  

3. Join the conversation 

Meet industry colleagues, share ideas and develop the solutions of the future together. The Powertage offer the perfect setting for this. Nowhere else can you encounter the combined force of the industry! 2022 will bring new, innovative formats such as roundtable discussions with experts or lectures held by exhibitors at the Speakers’ Corner.  

Diagram with three cornerstones exhibition, information and exchange.


The new energy landscape is particularly turning to digitization, decentralization and convergence of networks. These 3 pillars play a crucial role in the overall energy system and will, in the long term, secure investments, promote innovation and generate growth in Switzerland. These changes are made possible through an active and trusting exchange of thoughts and opinions as well as knowledge transfer of all industry participants.  

Rapid technological change and regulatory guidelines for energy production and consumption are bringing about a structural upheaval in the energy industry. We need new, innovative solutions for energy networks, network management and, above all, business models. The network infrastructure is facing many different challenges, which is why cutting-edge and highly qualified expertise is required to meet the future demands of the market.  

Exhibitors benefit from a fixed cap on costs with the all-in participation packages in order to present their products  
and services to an interested and focused trade audience. The Networking Zone at the center of the exhibition offers exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to strengthen and build their professional network in a relaxed atmosphere – food is included for free. 

At the Powertage trade forum, experts will hold high-quality lectures on the exhibition topics every morning. Speakers include specialists from the energy sector, the federal authorities and politics. 
The main topics of the trade forum will be determined in close collaboration with the event advisory council and adjusted based on current market developments. The lecture series on Tuesday, May 17, is sponsored by the Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen VSE (Association of Swiss Electricity Companies), and the second lecture series on Wednesday, May 18, is organized by Electrosuisse. In addition, the Powertage trade forum is supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, SFOE, and swissmig. 

Trending topics at Powertage 2022  

Graphic on Trends in Focus - Power Days.
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