Joulia SA

Short description

Instead of letting valuable heat energy from shower water go to waste, the Joulia shower drain channel recovers this energy and provides a sustainable shower experience with the highest comfort level.

About us

Joulia SA, a spin-off of Creaholic SA in Biel, has been working on the efficient use of hot water since 2010.
What started out as a simple idea in a bathroom has now established itself on the Swiss and international market: the pre-heating of cold shower water using the heat of waste shower water. This simple principle works without electricity nor moving parts and is drinking water certified in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. Since the introduction of the Joulia-Inline shower channels, over 6,000 showers have been equipped. Today, half of the production is already exported, with an upward trend.
This proves that Swiss know-how and technology are also in demand abroad. A team of 7 people works at the headquarters in Biel.