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Forecasting Tools for Energy and Efficiency

Predictions of energy flows, consumption and production are becoming increasingly important. Future requirements and expectations seem to have no limits. We at Girsberger Informatik AG have more than 15 years of experience with forecasting systems.

LOADMAP® SERVICE for carefree forecasts
In continuous development, Girsberger Informatik AG has been operating a service for precise energy forecasts with high availability since 2003. LOADMAP® SERVICE produces forecasts for electricity, gas and district heating demand at energy suppliers, but also for drinking water consumption. The system takes into account the regional weather forecast and delivers load or production profiles for the next seven days on a daily basis - including weekends and public holidays. The extremely reliable service is suitable for municipal and regional utilities that want to realize production or procurement planning in a carefree and efficient way. LOADMAP® SERVICE is also used for medium-term (for weeks to months) and long-term (up to several years) forecasts.

SILOVEDA® FORECAST - Toolbox for smart modeling

If the customer wants to create and operate the forecasts himself, the SILOVEDA® measurement and energy data management system is extended with the SILOVEDA® FORECAST module. In this module, function blocks for forecast models are available without programming and mathematical knowledge. For unlimited modeling, additional functions and mathematics suites such as Matlab, Python or R can be integrated and used. Thus, individually arbitrarily complex models and mathematical functions can be built, integrated and/or automated.