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IoT retrofit solution for energy meters enables planning for industrial sites

For a customer in the pharmaceutical industry, we were able to retrofit more than 50 energy meters with IoT retrofit devices on an industrial site that is to be gradually converted and thus provide the planners with a reliable data basis for their planning project.

Initial situation

An existing industrial site, which is over 40 years old, is to be converted step by step. In recent decades, the industrial site has been the production and research location of various pharmaceutical companies. The area is supplied with energy via underground supply channels with various media. The infrastructure for the energy supply is between 10-40 years old and should continue to be operated for a maximum of another 10 years.


The conversion of such a large industrial site requires early planning. In order to ensure the future energy supply with the various media such as steam, hot water, heat, cooling and compressed air, the specialist planners require data from the current operation in order to be able to reliably lay out the necessary planning bases for the future use of the site.


The industrial site is over 40 years old, so the big challenge was that the more than 50 energy meters that were to be connected to a performance monitoring system within a very short time were all of different ages and each meter therefore supported different interfaces and communication protocols. Thanks to an IoT retrofit solution, the appropriate interface for each meter type could be retrofitted easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Added value

Thanks to the innovative IoT retrofit solution, the existing energy meters on the site did not have to be replaced, but could be easily and quickly connected. The investor was thus able to save on expensive investments and the specialist planners received the necessary data basis for planning the future energy supply of the site within a very short time. Based on power measurements, the future energy supply of the site can be planned precisely.

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