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Electrosuisse trade forum quantified solutions with interconnected energy systems

The Electrosuisse trade forum utilised the second day of the trade fair to highlight important solutions to strengthen the security of energy supply that has almost been taken for granted up to this point.

Kristina Orehounig (EMPA/ETH) and Pierre-Jean Alet (CSEM) explained and quantified the importance of a digital interconnection between producers, storage plants and consumers. These work locally and also link adjacent technical areas such as the heating/cooling management of buildings, charging management for electromobility, and daily or seasonal bridging using various storage technologies. Suad Emrulai (Siemens Schweiz AG) consequently explained the importance of a structured set-up of cyber protection around the digital network functions, which have long since become a functional basis for the increasingly dynamic system. Felix Tresch (EW Ursern) also gave valuable insights into the operating experience of the existing wind turbine and showed how it can make a considerable contribution to the energy supply in the tough winter with a well-balanced expansion project.

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Presentations by the speakers, only available in German
Kristina Orehounig, Abteilungsleiterin Empa
Suad Emrulai, Cyber Security Engineer, Siemens Schweiz AG
Felix Tresch, Geschäftsführer Elektrizitätswerk Ursern
Pierre-Jean Alet, Group leader, Digital Energy Solutions CSEM