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Powertage is a knowledge and dialog platform for the Swiss electricity industry. The inaugural event was held in 2004. In the meantime, it has developed into the leading industry get-together with around 150 exhibitors and more than 2,000 visitors, where industry players get up to speed, network and advance the new world of energy. The successful event concept, featuring a mixture of specialist lectures, knowledge exchange and company presentations, facilitates networking and provides a comprehensive overview of technological trends, political course-setting and current challenges for companies.  

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A glimpse into Powertage

A range of different perspectives on current topics are discussed at Powertage (excerpt from articles published in spring/summer 2021). 

AEW Energie AG Hall 5 / D33
Product & Solutions

Smart Meter

Do you want to modernise your meter park to the latest technology and implement smart metering? Benefit from an all-round carefree package. AEW Energie AG will be pleased to support you.


Impressions from the Powertage

The Powertage Expert Forum, the Energy Startup Day, the Innovation Pitches and the Product & Solutions contributions at the Speakers Corner as well as the approximately 150 exhibitors are some of the highlights of Powertage 2022.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
Product & Solutions

Energy efficiency through storage

Reducing the impact of CO₂ on our planet is dependent on all of us using a much higher proportion of renewable energy. But how to use clean energy when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing? Energy storage systems from Eaton help you do that.

PRONUTEC AG Hall 5 / E23

Neulancierung Verteilkabinen Familie - Typ PRONUTEC FILENIT Gr. 00/01/1/2/2TV

PRONUTEC AG veröffentlicht pünktlich zu den POWERTAGEN 2022 die Neulancierung der Beton - Verteilkabinen Familie Typ FILENIT.

CLEMAP AG Hall 6 / xplor Startup Village
Product & Solutions

Manufacturer-independent, dynamic load management

As soon as several charging stations are installed, a control - a dynamic load management - of the charging stations is needed. CLEMAP Load Management is the flexible, scalable and cost-effective load management solution for large, semi-public charging infrastructures of MFH and buildings.

smart-me AG Hall 5 / A03

Pico EV Charging Station

Introducing: Our e-charging station Pico. It convinces not only with a large display, compact construction and clear design, but also with the intelligent load management as well as, practical Auto CarID. Developed in and for Switzerland.

Optec AG Hall 6 / J10
Product & Solutions

Charging solutions for everyone and every place

Our charging columns make it easier for you to enter the world of electromobility. Quick installation, simple configuration and leading technology. With our charging solutions, you start the future with electromobility - for everyone and at every location.

EVUlution AG Hall 5 / E28
Product & Solutions

EVUlution AG lebt SWISS MADE!

Unsere Kunden setzen auf Lokalität und Schweizer Qualität! Alle unsere Produkte werden in der Schweiz entwickelt und produziert. Auch bei der Hardware Produktion, unserem zertifizierten Smart Manager Gateway, setzen wir auf lokale Produktion. Mehr Schweiz geht nicht!

Axpo Hall 5 / E24

Digitisation from mast to monitor

Asset maintenance is cost-intensive. Transfer your network assets automatically into the digital world without supply interruptions. The subsequent location-independent visual inspection helps with efficient planning and execution of maintenance for a stable and optimised energy supply.

COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH Hall 6 / J28
Product & Solutions

Improve grid security with simulations

Grid components have to meet various standards in terms of safety. Whether they do, is often known only after testing in the laboratory. With the help of simulations, such analyses can be carried out safely in a virtual environment even before the first production.

Green-Y Energy AG Hall 6 / xplor Startup Village

Revolutionary electricity storage with heating-cooling system for buildings on the verge of market maturity!

SCHWEIZER KAPITAL GLOBAL IMPACT FUND AG invests CHF 2 million in the Swiss startup Green-Y Energy AG to develop a sustainable compressed air electricity storage system for building applications and also commits to sales in the amount of CHF 1 million.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
Product & Solutions

Energy efficiency thanks to modularity

Every day, your measurement devices and plants collect thousands of measurement data, events and master data. Successful process integration of different topics to gain new insights in the field of energy efficiency requires a flexible, easy-to-use and modular data warehouse.

PFIFFNER International AG Hall 5 / E10

Energy storage systems from PFIFFNEr

100% energy transition - a vision that connects. PFFIFNER offers energy storage systems in the Swiss market in cooperation with Fenecon. The first reference project is a solar energy storage system for an e-bus station at the train station in Brugg, Switzerland.

Meteotest AG Hall 5 / D31
Know-How / Tutorial

Inexpensive electricity thanks to photovoltaic curtailment

A new research project shows how a renewable energy system in Switzerland works optimally. The cheapest solution is one in which 10-15% of the massively expanded PV production is curtailed.

PRONUTEC AG Hall 5 / E23
Product & Solutions

PRONUTEC Lastschaltleisten & Lasttrennleisten Familien mit ESTI S+ Zertifizierung!

Typ geprüfte PRONUTEC Lastschaltleisten & Lasttrennleisten Familien aus eigener Fabrikation nach EN61947-1 / -3 in modularem, Energie effizientem Design. Die PRONUTEC Lastschaltgeräte erfüllen die vielfältigen Kundenbedürfnisse und sind schon heute bereit für die zukünftigen Anforderungen.

Demelectric AG Hall 6 / H10
Product & Solutions

Charging solutions for commercial applications

Electric and hybrid vehicles are currently in vogue. The constantly growing variety of models is causing private individuals and companies to switch to alternative drives. But how and where are these vehicles charged? Future-proof charging systems are more in demand than ever.

Hantom AG Hall 5 / B10

The innovative sealing system OKT

The new OKT sealing cushions impress with their quick and easy installation. Thanks to the closed system, the cushions can be mounted completely without tools.

HARTING AG Hall 6 / J09
Know-How / Tutorial

Plug & play in power generation

The Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sector (PGTD) faces various challenges. Due to the large sums of data and signal transmissions required for monitoring all the equipment in the generation and distribution process, reliable connection is critical.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
Product & Solutions

Buildings as energy hubs

With our Buildings as a Grid approach, you can transform your building into an energy hub to take advantage of the new power paradigm, better manage existing electrical infrastructure and prepare for future energy requirements.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
Product & Solutions

Forecasting Tools for Energy and Efficiency

Predictions of energy flows, consumption and production are becoming increasingly important. Future requirements and expectations seem to have no limits. We at Girsberger Informatik AG have more than 15 years of experience with forecasting systems.

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Event Advisory Board

Technical support is provided for the further development of the Powertage.

Porträt Claudia Bischof - Powertage.

Claudia Bischof


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Markus Burger


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Claudia Egli


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Hugo Steiner

Girsberger Informatik


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Marcel Stoeckli


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Marianne Zünd

Bundesamt für Energie

Portrait Andrea Schlegel - Powertage.

Andrea Schlegel


The Event Advisory Board is additionally supported by the following persons: 

  • Walter Steinmann 
  • Anne Breckwoldt
  • Christian Baechler
  • Esther Denzler
  • Roman Dudenhaus
  • Hanspeter Eicher
  • Marcel Frei
  • Stefanie Hamm
  • Kurt Luescher
  • Eric Plan


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Powertage bring experts together and provides a stage for topics, trends and developments relevant to the energy industry in Switzerland. Together with the participating companies and industry associations, we are presenting a platform that serves to advance the new world of energy and help connect industry professionals. 


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