Powertage Trade Event

What you should know about Switzerland’s leading industry get-together.

About us

Powertage is a knowledge and dialog platform for the Swiss electricity industry. The inaugural event was held in 2004. In the meantime, it has developed into the leading industry get-together with around 150 exhibitors and more than 2,000 visitors, where industry players get up to speed, network and advance the new world of energy. The successful event concept, featuring a mixture of specialist lectures, knowledge exchange and company presentations, facilitates networking and provides a comprehensive overview of technological trends, political course-setting and current challenges for companies.  

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Main offer focus of the exhibition and the target groups

Event Advisory Board

Technical support is provided for the further development of the Powertage.

Porträt Claudia Bischof - Powertage.

Claudia Bischof


Porträt Markus Burger - Powertage.

Markus Burger


Porträt Claudia Egli - Powertage.

Claudia Egli


Porträt Roland Kiefer - Powertage.

Roland Kiefer



Porträt Thomas Lehmgrube - Powertage.

Thomas Leimgruber


Porträtbild Claudio Schubert - Powertage

Claudio Schubert


Porträt Roland Notter - Powertage.

Roland Notter


Porträt Hugo Steiner - Powertage.

Hugo Steiner

Girsberger Informatik


Porträt Marcel Stoeckli - Powertage.

Marcel Stoeckli


Porträtbild Marianne Zünd - Powertage

Marianne Zünd

Bundesamt für Energie

Portrait Andrea Schlegel - Powertage.

Andrea Schlegel


The Event Advisory Board is additionally supported by the following persons: 

  • Walter Steinmann 
  • Anne Breckwoldt
  • Christian Baechler
  • Esther Denzler
  • Roman Dudenhaus
  • Hanspeter Eicher
  • Marcel Frei
  • Stefanie Hamm
  • Kurt Luescher
  • Eric Plan


Your point of contact

Powertage bring experts together and provides a stage for topics, trends and developments relevant to the energy industry in Switzerland. Together with the participating companies and industry associations, we are presenting a platform that serves to advance the new world of energy and help connect industry professionals. 


We're here for you

Porträt Frank Stegerer

Frank Stegerer

Sales Manager
+41 58 206 25 39
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Dominique Farner

Marketing & Communications
+41 58 206 21 99
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Organizer / promoter 

MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG 
CH-4005 Basel 
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F. +41 58 206 21 89