Products & Solutions Powertage 2022

Future-proof Control Rooms

Control rooms in the energy sector must run smoothly, all day and every day. WEYTEC solutions simplify the management of complex processes in a control room and ensure that operators can connect to and smoothly switch between multiple application.

An operator workplace is a fully integrated cockpit that provides an overview of all mission-critical tasks. Dispatchers monitor and control a plethora of systems while bearing responsibility for the safety of people, property, and equipment. And when they find and fix problems, minimize interruptions, coordinate installations and maintenance - smart and simple workplaces are a must.

An uncluttered workplace featuring a single keyboard and mouse. A fully integrated multi-screen environment significantly enhances workplace ergonomics and operator/workflow efficiency. The right technology helps dispatchers keep a cool head in stressful situations and concentrate fully on their tasks.

The WEYTEC KVM solution integrates multiple systems and interfaces, including alarming applications, to reduce complexity and increase workflow flexibility. KVM signals from computer and video sources are distributed or multicast to many one or many workplaces and video walls in real time over IP technology. Video walls foster collaboration within the team by providing a shared overview of every situation. With the WEYTEC smartVISUAL solution, every window is freely selectable, placeable and scalable on the video wall. Any source can be displayed on any screen, and everything is controlled with a multifunctional keyboard. Dispatchers can activate, execute, and display both predefined and event-controlled scenarios, making it easier and faster to operate control systems. When the "man-machine" interface is simple and intuitive, operators concentrate more fully on the essentials.

Operational reliability is a top priority. Contingency control centers eliminate some "single points of failure".  State-of-the-art KVM technology integrates multiple locations for operational resiliency, networking redundant workplaces and server rooms. The modular and flexible architecture, and a customized maintenance concept extend the lifespan of the control room solution far beyond that of any individual system or component.

What really counts is the ease of operating complex systems in both day-to-day and crisis situations. All day, every day.