The Future of the Swiss electricity and energy industry ist discussed at the trade forum

Digitization, decentralization, convergence of grids and private consumption will have a lasting impact on the overall energy system: The Powertage forum addresses these trends and sheds light on the opportunities and challenges from different angles.

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The Powertage Hub is the digital content platform for experts from the Swiss electricity and energy industry. Here, leading providers present topics, content, stories and events.

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Powertage Trade Forum 

At the Powertage Trade Forum, experts will hold high-quality lectures on the exhibition topics every morning. The focus here will be on the topics of transmission, distribution and storage, as well as on the 2050 Energy Strategy and the production mix of the future. Speakers include experts from the energy sector, the federal authorities and politics. 


Speaker on stage - VSE Fachforum Powertage.


The presentation series will be determined in close collaboration with the event advisory council and adjusted based on current market developments. The Powertage Trade Forum is supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, SFOE, and swissmig. 


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