The Future of the Swiss electricity and energy industry ist discussed at the trade forum

Digitization, decentralization, convergence of grids and private consumption will have a lasting impact on the overall energy system: The Powertage forum addresses these trends and sheds light on the opportunities and challenges from different angles.

Here you can find a review of the programme of the Power Days 2022

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VSE trade forum

The VSE trade forum, held on May 17, highlighted the key issues relating to securing future power supply: Nadine Brauchli (VSE), Benoît Revaz (BFE), Gian von Planta (SWL) and Jörg Wild (Energie 360°) discussed paramount measures that must be taken to ensure future security of supply.

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Electrosuisse trade forum

The Electrosuisse trade forum utilised the second day of the trade fair to highlight important solutions to strengthen the security of energy supply that has almost been taken for granted up to this point.

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Speakers Corner

It was the premiere of the Speakers’ Corner at this year’s Powertage 2022: innovative products and solutions were presented and discussed with the audience in short presentations. 

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