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Intelligent measurement and control system for PV systems

THE INNOVATION: Based on directly recorded electrical status values within the distribution grid, PV inverters are automatically controlled via a controller for green power generation systems.

sun2wheel AG Hall 6 / G25
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Is bidirectional charging already possible today?

Yes, the bidirectional charging station from sun2wheel is currently the only certified charging station that works and is already in use around 200 times in Switzerland. Not many cars are currently approved for it, but it is only a matter of time before the big roll-out starts.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
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Invest in a low-CO2 energy future with our xStorage Compact energy storage system

The global shift to decentralized energy resources has made solar energy more competitive. This offers utilities and commercial operations significant advantages in decarbonization and more efficient management of bi-directional energy flows.

Jost AG several locations
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Hybrid emergency power system hNEA

With the innovative new development of the hNEA, Jost AG Energietechnik is making a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and thus to the responsible use of our resources.

simplee AG Hall 6 / K09

PV Surplus Charging: Onwards with Solar Power!

Soon to be as legendary as Mario and Luigi? Probably not quite, but e-mobility and photovoltaics at least have the potential to become an iconic duo of the energy transition. Why this is the case and what to consider to fully exploit the duo's advantages.

GBE S.p.A. Hall 5 / A24
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Transformers with biodegradable oil — the three new lines fr3 oil immersed: KNAN, SLIM and TPL

GBE has studied three new series with FR3 oil, which come at very advantageous prices. Guaranteeing not only low environmental impact levels but also optimising a product for special applications which is superior to a standard product that uses mineral oil.

Axpo Hall 5 / C22
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The digital hydropower plant of tomorrow

Hydropower plants play a crucial role in Swiss energy production and are considered one of the oldest forms of renewable energy. Today, however, they are facing new challenges and opportunities as a result of the digital transformation.

Pfiffner International AG Hall 5 / E10
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Solar Energy Storage for E-Postbus in Brugg

Today, the first Swiss charging station for E-Postbus is located in Brugg - with a direct connection to modular battery storage and a photovoltaic system. The innovative, holistic project was realized by several partners together with PFIFFNER.

ZeroGeo Energy GmbH Hall 6 / X01
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Advisory Services for subsurface exploration using Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG)

ZeroGeo Energy offers advisory services in the area of subsurface exploration to evaluate the potential for shallow and deep geothermal projects. We are the first and only company in Europe to have conducted an exploration campaign using FTG to evaluate the potential for geothermal energy.

GBE S.p.A. Hall 5 / A24


An optimal solution for efficiently compensating the capacitive reactive power is to install shunt reactors for both medium and high voltages. GBE can supply a wide range of oil and cast resin reactors.

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