Digitization of the energy industry is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it makes it possible to gather and evaluate information on electricity production and consumption, enabling optimal use of the network. On the other hand, this data gives cyber criminals an opportunity to attack. Protecting infrastructure has top priority.

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AEW Energie AG Hall 5 / D33
Product & Solutions

Smart Meter

Do you want to modernise your meter park to the latest technology and implement smart metering? Benefit from an all-round carefree package. AEW Energie AG will be pleased to support you.


Impressions from the Powertage

The Powertage Expert Forum, the Energy Startup Day, the Innovation Pitches and the Product & Solutions contributions at the Speakers Corner as well as the approximately 150 exhibitors are some of the highlights of Powertage 2022.

EVUlution AG Hall 5 / E28
Product & Solutions

EVUlution AG lebt SWISS MADE!

Unsere Kunden setzen auf Lokalität und Schweizer Qualität! Alle unsere Produkte werden in der Schweiz entwickelt und produziert. Auch bei der Hardware Produktion, unserem zertifizierten Smart Manager Gateway, setzen wir auf lokale Produktion. Mehr Schweiz geht nicht!

Axpo Hall 5 / E24

Digitisation from mast to monitor

Asset maintenance is cost-intensive. Transfer your network assets automatically into the digital world without supply interruptions. The subsequent location-independent visual inspection helps with efficient planning and execution of maintenance for a stable and optimised energy supply.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
Product & Solutions

Energy efficiency thanks to modularity

Every day, your measurement devices and plants collect thousands of measurement data, events and master data. Successful process integration of different topics to gain new insights in the field of energy efficiency requires a flexible, easy-to-use and modular data warehouse.

Sunrise UPC GmbH Hall 5 / A21

IoT is an innovation booster for the energy industry

Swiss energy providers are facing the major task of replacing their analog meters. As an important component of smart grids, smart meters enable completely new business models - from which new players will also benefit. It is therefore worthwhile to invest now in IoT-based services.

Axpo Hall 5 / E24

Digitalisation hydropower plants

With the experience gained from the Hydro 4.0 pilot project, Axpo Hydro digital offers a comprehensive service portfolio for the digital transformation of hydropower plants.

SoftProject GmbH Hall 5 / B28
Product & Solutions

SoftProject drives low-code web app development with new features

SoftProject GmbH, specialized in the digitization and automation of processes, is pushing the low-code development of web applications based on the X4 BPMS digitization platform.

Aartesys AG Hall 6 / F32

Energieversorgung Büren EVB

The remote reading of energy meters is undoubtedly one of the core applications of the EasyGateways® from Aartesys. But the fact that it can be used for much more is demonstrated by a growing system in the tranquil Bernese town of Büren an der Aare.

WAGO Contact SA Hall 5 / C24

Grid Gateway

The “Application Grid Gateway” supports power distribution grid operators in assessing grid performance. This application allows grid operators to use their existing distribution grid more efficiently, while avoiding unnecessary grid expansion.

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