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Strong Grids, Green Energy in Focus: Together with WAGO, EVO & ZEV

Maximize the efficiency of your energy projects and support a stable energy grid. With WAGO’s EVO and ZEV solutions, optimize your energy usage, reduce costs, and actively contribute to the stability and sustainability of the energy market.

Self-consumption Optimization (Eigenverbrauchsoptimierung, EVO) and Energy Communities (Zusammenschlüsse zum Eigenverbrauch, ZEV) are essential concepts for a sustainable energy future. With tailored solutions, WAGO supports this movement by combining ecological and economic benefits.

Effective Energy Data Management:

WAGO’s energy data management enables precise recording and analysis of energy consumption, achieving significant cost savings. Our modular solutions can be perfectly adapted to individual project needs and support effective reporting.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Quick Project Implementation: Supported by the WAGO Solutions Platform.
  • Simple Energy Data Management: No complex programming and highly versatile.
  • IoT-Box Energy Data: Easy entry into energy management.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored to your exact requirements and needs.
  • Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Detailed insights into energy consumption for efficient energy management.
  • Comprehensive Grid and Microgrid Solutions: Optimal grid monitoring and integration of renewable energies.
  • Reduction of Grid Dependence: By using energy storage systems, peak loads can be buffered, and the reliance on grid electricity minimized.
  • High Data Security: Ensured by VPN encryption for secure data transmission.
  • Compliance and Accuracy: MID-certified energy meters support compliance with legal requirements and ensure precise energy billing.
  • Optimal Utilization of Charging Infrastructure: Avoid peak loads when charging electric vehicles, reducing the need for grid connection expansion.

WAGO’s solutions are designed to simplify and optimize processes, minimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve the CO2 footprint. Support your customers in optimizing their energy efficiency and making a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Key Solutions for Your Challenges:

  • Optimization of Energy Efficiency: Lower operating costs and increased energy efficiency offer financial advantages. By using photovoltaic systems and efficient energy management systems, you can significantly reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

  • Sustainable Solutions: Support improving your energy balance and reducing CO2 emissions. WAGO’s solutions help effectively integrate renewable energy sources, making a significant contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint.

  • Reputation and Brand Value: Show responsibility and commitment to energy awareness. Improve your company's image and strengthen customer trust. Through transparent energy management solutions and the integration of sustainable technologies, you position yourself as an industry leader.

  • Employee Engagement: Actively involve your employees in energy management and promote awareness and responsibility for energy efficiency throughout the team.

  • Tax Benefits & Subsidies: Enable your customers to benefit from subsidies. Lower investment costs and take advantage of tax benefits.

  • System Integration: Support seamless integrations for effective energy control and strengthen your role as a reliable partner. WAGO’s solutions are designed to complement and optimize existing systems, simplifying implementation and increasing efficiency.

  • Transparency & Control: Provide real-time insights and control over all energy consumers. Promote efficiency and cost awareness. With modern analysis tools and user-friendly interfaces, you always have an overview of your energy flows and can quickly react to changes.

With WAGO’s ZEV and EVO technologies, your energy projects become true success stories that contribute to the stability and sustainability of the energy market. Together, we create value for today and ensure the well-being of future generations.

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