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Compleo Charging Solutions AG Schweiz Hall 5 / A05
News & Innovation

The new eTower 200 brings high power charging to the next level

Its innovative technology offers advantages for everyone - installers, charging station operators and EV drivers. The eTower maximizes performance at all times and distributes the charging power particularly fast. This means more kWh sold for operators and shorter charging times for drive.

simplee AG Hall 6 / K09

PV Surplus Charging: Onwards with Solar Power!

Soon to be as legendary as Mario and Luigi? Probably not quite, but e-mobility and photovoltaics at least have the potential to become an iconic duo of the energy transition. Why this is the case and what to consider to fully exploit the duo's advantages.

Pfiffner International AG Hall 5 / E10
News & Innovation

Solar Energy Storage for E-Postbus in Brugg

Today, the first Swiss charging station for E-Postbus is located in Brugg - with a direct connection to modular battery storage and a photovoltaic system. The innovative, holistic project was realized by several partners together with PFIFFNER.

simplee AG Hall 6 / K09

MID in Switzerland

The 7 most important points for MID certification of charging stations in Switzerland. MID is a hotly debated topic - even though METAS has announced that the regulations will not be strictly applied until mid-2027, charging stations without a billing solution are likely to be exempt from the MID.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
Products & Solutions

Innovative charging solutions for electromobility: EV charging stations for every application

Ready for the future of mobility? Discover our AC and DC charging stations for electric vehicles, which are ideal for residential buildings as well as commercial properties, public parking lots and fleet operations.

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