News & Innovation Powertage 2022

Pico EV Charging Station

Introducing: Our e-charging station Pico. It convinces not only with a large display, compact construction and clear design, but also with the intelligent load management as well as, practical Auto CarID. Developed in and for Switzerland.

Pico is based on customer feedback, technical pioneering spirit and years of experience in energy management and electromobility. So we packed everything into Pico that we expect from a smart e-charging station:

Static and dynamic Load Management.

Pico can be used for both static and dynamic load management (including phase balancing). This means that unnecessary costs can be prevented when developing parking spaces, self-consumption can be optimized in a prosumer community, or the charging station can be easily integrated into an energy management system. 

Comprehensive EV Charging Solution

With the charging station comes eCarUp's comprehensive backend. Not only can you determine who can charge, when, and at what price, but users automatically gain access to other smart features such as live monitoring, status monitoring, automated billing, and much more. The integrated smart meter collects precise metering data. Meter data is signed during transactions and can be validated at any time free of charge.

Open API and interfaces to third-party systems

Like all smart-me products, we offer open interfaces for using the data in third-party systems. With our API you get access to all charging stations in the cloud and integrate your Pico into any third party systems.

Visit us at our booth A03 in hall 5 and experience Pico live!