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High Performance Transformator Connector - Han HPR HPTC from HARTING

Transformer connections are exposed to environmental influences including mechanical impacts, water, oil, direct sunlight and ozone, all of which can negatively influence the lifetime of the connections.

The new series Han® HPR HPTC was specially developed for transformer applications in harsh environments. 

Easy handling and shielding

The new system meets the requirements of easy handling, a low number of components used and maximum security. On the cable side, a crimped contact is inserted into a three-part, touch-proof insulating body. In addition, there is a cable gland that protects against dust and humidity and is also part of the shielding, absorbing differential currents and transmitting them to the housing.

The housing is metallically contacting on all sides, i.e. the cover and underside are connected over the entire contact surface. This feature is unique, as there is no other transformer connector that has been specially designed for shielded connections.

The aim of collecting residual currents and discharging them via the housing can be achieved with the Han® HPR HPTC 800 because it has two separate contact areas.

It is directly connected to the flanged housing via a surface on the underside. On the upper side there is a thread for a potential tag which discharges the remaining differential currents.

No shrinking or taping necessary

The Han® HPR HPTC also simplifies installation. No shrinking or taping is required to set up transformer connections and the interfaces are quick to prepare: Crimp the contacts, insert the insulating body with shielding into the housing, close the cover - and the cable side is ready.

Minimum inventory needed due to coding system

Numerous encoding options are available. Two coding elements in the mounted housing open up 16 different combination possibilities.
One connector type is therefore sufficient for the transformer connection, everything else can be controlled via coding. This significantly reduces the inventory needed and helps to reduce costs.


The Han® HPR HPTC series is retrofit. The transformer side has the same dimensions as existing solutions in the market. Existing contours on the transformer can be reused, meaning design changes are not necessary. Customers can use the HARTING housing system to replace former solutions.