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Modern shaft system for charging infrastructures

The modular Langmatz shaft system is ideal for efficiently handling a future expansion of charging stations.

The costly and time-consuming civil engineering digging is done in advance and the manholes placed at the designated locations. As soon as electric vehicle charging stations need to be retrofitted, they can be installed quickly and with little effort on the prepared foundation plates.

Complete shaft systems are already available for AC charging station columns from the providers ABL, Mennekes, Siemens and Zaptec, and further variants are in preparation.

Demelectric's specialists are available to clarify the technical feasibility of additional charging stations.

Advantages over concrete foundations

  • Above-ground accessibility guaranteed at all times
  • Complete the infrastructure ahead of time - no further and time-consuming excavation work required
  • Clean pipe routing thanks to predefined shapes on the outer shell of the manhole
  • Easy assembly of additional components is done with wood screws
  • Shaft systems that are required later are closed and protected with a cover
  • Positioning directly behind curb (end of parking lot)
  • Commercially available AC charging stations can be accommodated on the shaft system

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