Energy efficiency and sustainability

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Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
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Measurement and energy data management — interfaces are essential

Human-machine interaction and logical points of contact in software systems are part of interfaces and are of central importance in measurement and energy data management systems.


Impressions of Powertage 2024: the first day of the event

The Powertage 2024 officially opened today at 9.00 a.m. and kicked off its three-day anniversary edition under the current theme of ‘Transforming energy systems’.

News & Innovation

Interference-free thanks to optimum voltage quality

Camille Bauer now offers a comprehensive assessment of the compatibility between the electricity fed into a grid and the consumers connected to this grid.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
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Counteracting climate change with SF6-free medium-voltage switchgear

Eaton's SF₆-free technology ensures minimal environmental impact and low total cost of ownership. The vacuum-based switching technology in combination with natural air insulation is ideally suited for use in supply networks in the energy sector and industry.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
Products & Solutions

Forecasts for energy and efficiency for 20 years

Forecasts of energy flows, consumption and production are becoming increasingly important and are at the centre of energy strategy. We at Girsberger Informatik AG have over 20 years of experience with SILOVEDA® and LOADMAP® forecasting systems.

Products & Solutions

Mastering the energy transition - wireless recording of electrical parameters

As the energy transition has to be mastered to a large extent with existing systems, there is a need for technologies that can be retrofitted into systems as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, Camille Bauer's wireless technology was brought into the energy transition.

Landis+Gyr Hall 5 / E22
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The dynamics of network change: Are you ready to get future flexible?

Leverage the full potential of the network and stay flexible for the future. The software and hardware solutions from Landis+Gyr help you to master the challenges of tomorrow.

GBE S.p.A. Hall 5 / A24
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Transformers with biodegradable oil — the three new lines fr3 oil immersed: KNAN, SLIM and TPL

GBE has studied three new series with FR3 oil, which come at very advantageous prices. Guaranteeing not only low environmental impact levels but also optimising a product for special applications which is superior to a standard product that uses mineral oil.

Smilics Technologies Hall 5 / E33

Current Transformers vs. Rogowski Coils: A Comparative Study

Accurate current measurement is crucial in electrical engineering. At Smilics Technologies, we've been perfecting our sensor solutions to the highest quality standards since manufacturing our first split-core current transformer in 1994 and our first Rogowski Coils over 15 years ago.

Girsberger Informatik AG Hall 6 / H23
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Energy efficiency thanks to modularity

Every day, measuring devices, sensors and systems collect thousands of measurement data, events and master data. Digitalisation makes it possible to collect this valuable information throughout the entire life cycle and process it into useful statements.

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