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Collective solar consumption at Wibeee Nest. The solution to the problem of shared generation

Discover how Wibeee Nest simplifies collective solar self-consumption, allowing multiple users to share and efficiently manage energy from a shared photovoltaic installation.

Collective solar self-consumption is a form of energy self-consumption that allows a group of consumers to benefit from the energy produced by a shared photovoltaic installation. This means that several people or organizations can share the energy generated by the same solar panel system.

There are various forms of collective self-consumption. A common example is the case of an apartment block, where solar panels installed on the roof of the building provide energy for all the apartments in the block. Shared photovoltaic installations are also common in industrial estates, housing estates and even rural areas.

So much for the theory, but how do we put all this into practice in a simple way and without large investments? The answer lies in the Wibeee Nest collective solar self-consumption module.

A common implementation example is as follows:

  • We install a Wibeee Box device, or a Wibeee Max device if the energy to be measured requires it, in the shared photovoltaic installation. We will call this the production room.
  • In the homes of the consumers, we install a Wibeee Box device that will measure the consumption of the household. We will call the set of consumers the consumption space.
  • We configure the module so that it knows where the photovoltaic production is generated (the generation space) and who will be the beneficiaries and in what percentage (the consumption space).

And that's it. From that moment on, the consumers will be able to see in real time not only the total production and the percentage corresponding to them, but also how they are consuming the energy, just as if they were the sole owners of a photovoltaic installation. Thanks to the powerful functionalities of Wibeee Nest, they will also benefit from the tariff module, the disaggregation of their consumption by appliance thanks to AI (virtual submetering), reports and alerts...

The solution to the challenge of shared generation is called Wibeee Nest and is available in OEM format, customizable with your corporate image so that your customers can enjoy it. For more details or to discuss other implementation models, please visit us at our stand.