Product & Solutions Powertage 2022

Keep control of your infrastructure systems

With EasyGateway®, Connect2Control (C2C) and elasticVPN (eVPN) from Aartesys, you can securely and easily protect your infrastructure from unauthorised access.

You create and manage access rights for control systems or controllers and user access to your infrastructure via the C2C portal, securely separated and independent of your IT environment.

Your infrastructure systems are protected by the EasyGateway® with strong firewall and secure protocols. The Aartesys systems ensure that accesses from control systems, controllers, etc. as well as from users are routed exclusively and securely to the devices connected to the Easy Gateway. Your infrastructure systems can be connected via IP, but the EasyGateway® also manages devices with serial communication, e.g. Modbus RTU, and integrates them into the IP communication.

Example Swisscom:

Swisscom protects access to infrastructure systems and works in over 1,000 buildings with the Aartesys solution. The exclusive access of several control and management systems is controlled and monitored by dynamic configuration in a central database. In the building, EasyGateway® separates the systems connected to a VLAN infrastructure network from the rest of the communication infrastructure with a strong firewall. Access to the various infrastructure systems and trades is protected against each other: Each management or control system only sees "its" devices; access to foreign devices is prevented by firewalls. Natted connections ensure that identical IP addresses can be used in the infrastructure networks of each location, which greatly simplifies the work in case of support.

In this way, for example, the energy values of over 1,000 DC power systems and of 300 AC energy analysers are transferred to central control systems. Furthermore, emergency power and UPS systems as well as cooling and ventilation systems are also communicatively connected via EasyGateway®.

In addition to the automatic accesses, the same system controls the controlled access of external, authorised persons to the infrastructure systems and trades. The users log on to the access portal and receive access to the system or systems for which authorisation exists via a dynamically provided connection. At the end of the session, the dynamic connection is closed.

In parallel to the access controls to facilities, the Aartesys systems record all infrastructure alarms  in the buildings , gas alarms and alarms of the access systems via connected input modules. Pre-processing of the alarms such as alarm delays etc. takes place. All alarm movements are logged, verified alarms are transmitted to a central alarm system.

The more than 1'000 EasyGateway® are monitored and managed by the central Aartesys management system AMIRA. Configurations, alarm mutations and system updates are carried out exclusively remotely. All processes in the system are recorded for security reasons.

Aartesys has expanded the system in several stages to the current system. Expandability, long-term maintenance and strong support are therefore indispensable for Swisscom, which is also appreciated accordingly and made clear by the statement of Michel Eitel, Swisscom: "You can rely on Aartesys when it comes to maintenance and support, an attitude that protects our investment in the long term".