xplor Startup Stage


Total energy optimization for multi-energy hubs. Flexible plants for the energy supply of different energy sources are to be adjusted in real time and optimally to the demand.

The current V-Zug site will be converted into the Zug Technology Cluster (TCZ) with industry, commerce and apartments with a gross floor area of approx. 300,000 m2. The ZERO ZERO principle is to be adhered to: i.e. energy supply of the area as far as possible without additionally supplied energy and no CO2 emissions.

Misurio has created the simulation model for the overall energy optimization. The variant calculation provides decision support for the design and operation of the multi-energy hub. PV production, e-charging stations, energy storage of all energy sources should be optimally matched to demand in real time. Misurio is a member of the expert team for the development and implementation and thus part of this visionary project.