Interview Powertage 2022

Energieversorgung Büren EVB

The remote reading of energy meters is undoubtedly one of the core applications of the EasyGateways® from Aartesys. But the fact that it can be used for much more is demonstrated by a growing system in the tranquil Bernese town of Büren an der Aare.

 The future means communication
 "Of course, reading meters is also one of the crucial activities for us as an energy provider; after all, we want to write bills," says Armin Zingg, CEO of Energieversorgung Büren AG. "But the solution we are aiming for with the gateways is about much more, namely communication, and that is the future!" This is also the reason why Büren decided to work with Aartesys. Zingg already knew the company from his BKW days and therefore knew that the protagonists come from the communications industry: "That's important to me and you can feel it at every turn."
 Intelligent Edge Device

The start of the project, which already involves a whole series of EasyGateways®, took place in 2014. "With the EasyGateways® we can just do a lot more, they are two-way communication systems that have the most diverse interfaces and can be used flexibly accordingly," says Zingg. "They enable the switching of high and low tariff phases, but also the compilation of data and acting on the basis of this data."

For example: remote control

The applications of EasyGateways® from Aartesys are diverse and range from recording energy values to remote monitoring of entire plants. For example, they make it possible to control a heating plant. "Together with the Burgergemeinde, we founded Büren Wärme AG, which operates a heating network." Zingg continues. "In such an operation, there are usually relatively high losses. We can optimise this thanks to the gateway solution."

Or the matter of leaks

Another application is the early detection of leaks in water pipes. "Long before a pipe breaks, it starts to lose water at fine cracks. We can detect this fissures with sonic measurements and then act before the pipe breaks."
  "We have sensors on about a hundred hydrants and collect the corresponding data with three central gateways housed in transformer stations," explains Zingg.

Continuation of the project
 With the current infrastructure, the project is by no means finished, but is intended to grow further. "The constantly further developed devices will cover the most diverse communication topics. And for this purpose, Aartesys is and remains a very excellent partner."