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WAGO Contact SA Hall 5 / C24

Grid Gateway

The “Application Grid Gateway” supports power distribution grid operators in assessing grid performance. This application allows grid operators to use their existing distribution grid more efficiently, while avoiding unnecessary grid expansion.

Lovion GmbH Hall 5 / C34
Product & Solutions

Lovion Metering Services

The metering services for utility companies comprise a large number of complex processes. In Lovion, various tasks related to the device can be managed and carried out efficiently. Mobile processing is a fundamental part of the solution as well as incorporating external service providers.

Joulia SA Hall 6 / EnergyXploit AG i.G. / c/o Boesch Busines Center AG

Joulia: Showers with heat recovery

Joulia AG wants to put an end to wasting energy in the shower. The company has developed an innovative heat exchanger for showers that recovers thermal energy from used water.

HYDRO Exploitation SA Hall 6 / G30
Product & Solutions

HVAC Work at Bitsch

The Automation & Control team at HYDRO Exploitation made sure the automation of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system at the Bitsch plant was optimally replaced and integrated.

Aartesys AG Hall 6 / F32
Product & Solutions

Keep control of your infrastructure systems

With EasyGateway®, Connect2Control (C2C) and elasticVPN (eVPN) from Aartesys, you can securely and easily protect your infrastructure from unauthorised access.

Green-Y Energy AG Hall 6 / xplor Startup Village
Product & Solutions

Green-Y: Pilotproject at SIPBB

Green-Y realizes a pilot project in cooperation with the Swiss Battery Technology Center and the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne in their newly constructed office building.

myFacility Hall 6 / xplor Startup Village
Product & Solutions

Minimize energy costs and CO2 emissions in buildings

myFacility connects heating, ventilation and IoT systems in buildings and minimizes CO2 emissions using artificial intelligence. This enables AUTOMATED energy optimization (AeBO). Use the solution as an energy service provider or building owner to reduce costs.

Joulia SA Hall 6 / EnergyXploit AG i.G. / c/o Boesch Busines Center AG
Product & Solutions

Joulia-Inline drain with heat recovery

This animation shows how Joulia-Inline heat recovery works. As well there are some reference projects. The system is allready installed in over 6'000 homes.

Demelectric AG Hall 6 / H10
Product & Solutions

Underfloor distributor for a modern marketplace design

Many communities are redesigning their market and fairgrounds, as well as inner-city areas worthy of protection, into urban meeting zones. In order to ensure the energy supply at the meeting place, distribution systems for electricity, water that are harmonious with the cityscape are required.

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