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KVM over IP - distribute audio and video signals professionally

For workstations with many peripheral devices such as a monitor, mouse, keyboard and audio device, we can implement cross-system operation. The result: a clearly laid out workstation with as few devices as necessary and remote computers in the technical room.

Operating concept at the workstation

Operators can interact with all the required sources using a single keyboard and mouse. In addition, the user interface has been designed for intuitive operation, based on many discussions with control room professionals.

Operation of the screen walls

The wall operation / switching of content takes place via a web page, which is available to the user as an image signal. After successfully logging in, the user can display the various image signals on the screen. Each user can save the compilation as a personal composition and display it on the screen with just a few mouse clicks.  

Security by design

The platform strictly follows the principles of "security by design" and combines strict cyber security with intuitive operation. Cyber security is the most important requirement for control room equipment. And it is becoming increasingly important! Barco CTRL is designed to ensure the highest level of cyber security, allowing users to securely connect to their sources from any location and interact with the content on any video wall or workstation.