Infrastructure for e-mobility

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CLEMAP AG Hall 6 / xplor Startup Village
Product & Solutions

Manufacturer-independent, dynamic load management

As soon as several charging stations are installed, a control - a dynamic load management - of the charging stations is needed. CLEMAP Load Management is the flexible, scalable and cost-effective load management solution for large, semi-public charging infrastructures of MFH and buildings.

smart-me AG Hall 5 / A03

Pico EV Charging Station

Introducing: Our e-charging station Pico. It convinces not only with a large display, compact construction and clear design, but also with the intelligent load management as well as, practical Auto CarID. Developed in and for Switzerland.

Optec AG Hall 6 / J10
Product & Solutions

Charging solutions for everyone and every place

Our charging columns make it easier for you to enter the world of electromobility. Quick installation, simple configuration and leading technology. With our charging solutions, you start the future with electromobility - for everyone and at every location.

Demelectric AG Hall 6 / H10
Product & Solutions

Charging solutions for commercial applications

Electric and hybrid vehicles are currently in vogue. The constantly growing variety of models is causing private individuals and companies to switch to alternative drives. But how and where are these vehicles charged? Future-proof charging systems are more in demand than ever.

Eaton Industries II GmbH Hall 5 / A22
Product & Solutions

Buildings as energy hubs

With our Buildings as a Grid approach, you can transform your building into an energy hub to take advantage of the new power paradigm, better manage existing electrical infrastructure and prepare for future energy requirements.

Demelectric AG Hall 6 / H10
Product & Solutions

Modern shaft system for charging infrastructures

The modular Langmatz shaft system is ideal for efficiently handling a future expansion of charging stations.

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