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Jost AG
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Hybrid emergency power system hNEA

With the innovative new development of the hNEA, Jost AG Energietechnik is making a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and thus to the responsible use of our resources.

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An optimal solution for efficiently compensating the capacitive reactive power is to install shunt reactors for both medium and high voltages. GBE can supply a wide range of oil and cast resin reactors.

GBE S.p.A. 5 / A24
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Transformer for measuring of power equipment: Maximum reliability in the testing of inverters for solar application

This transformer is equipped with a newly designed, GBE-owned pre-magnetization system. Unlike conventional pre-magnetizers, our compact and cost-effective system provides for the limitation of current in the supply phase through the use of a three-phase resistor and control with a PLC.

CFW EMV-Consulting AG 6 / F23
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CFW PowerCable® without risks and side effects

CFW EMV-Consulting AG, based in Reute AR, is a leading company in the field of magnetic shielding technology. Our products and services are based exclusively on legal and/or technical limit values in the area of influence of the electrical power supply.

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Transformers with biodegradable oil — the three new lines fr3 oil immersed: KNAN, SLIM and TPL

GBE has studied three new series with FR3 oil, which come at very advantageous prices. Guaranteeing not only low environmental impact levels but also optimising a product for special applications which is superior to a standard product that uses mineral oil.