Interview Powertage 2024

Swissgrid CIO criticises hesitant digitalisation

The digitalisation of the energy sector is progressing only hesitantly. Konrad Zöschg, CIO of Swissgrid, warns in the run-up to the Power Days from 4 to 6 June 2024.

In an interview with energie inside, the CIO of the year 2020 criticises the level of digitalisation in the energy sector.

In April 2024, there was almost a blackout - due to insufficient data, there was suddenly not enough electricity available. To prevent this from happening again, Konrad Zöschg says in an interview that regular updates are needed to improve the quality of consumption and production data.

"Swissgrid and the entire industry need to improve their culture of innovation and digitalisation," he says. "In the energy sector, digitalisation is progressing steadily, but still too hesitantly.

He will address this and other digitalisation issues at the Powertage expert forum on 4 June 2024 under the patronage of the VSE. He is certain that the energy transition and the grid integration of renewables will present Swissgrid with new challenges. Swissgrid is already optimising grid operation with innovative approaches.