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Powertage June 9, 2022

Innovations for the future of energy at the Speakers’ Corner

It was the premiere of the Speakers’ Corner at this year’s Powertage 2022: innovative products and solutions were presented and discussed with the audience in short presentations.

Powertage 2022

CLEMAP AG April 29, 2022
Product & Solutions

Non-invasive electricity metering, for cost control of their consumers

The CLEMAP Energy Monitor is used to fully monitor and control electricity consumption in SMEs or large projects. It is installed in control cabinets or distribution boxes and acts as a decentralized measuring point.

Powertage 2022

Product & Solutions


SMARTCOLLECT® SC² combines digital measurement data management and SCADA. Unlike the usual less visually appealing SCADA software systems, SmartCollect®SC² is built on an ultra-modern platform with a web-based 2D/3D graphical user interface. Learn more in the video.

Powertage 2022

INP Schweiz AG April 6, 2022
Know-How / Tutorial

INP experts for best energy supply

The INP Schweiz team provided extensive technical know-how to support the construction of a state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical production facility in Switzerland.

Powertage 2022

HYDRO Exploitation SA March 24, 2022

Challenges for the polymechanics

Thanks to their new equipment, which cannot be found anywhere else in French-speaking Switzerland, the Central Workshops are taking on new challenges, from machining a giant chandelier to making a special tank for cocoa!

Powertage 2022

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