Products & Solutions Powertage 2024

Modular VAMOCON system for energy distribution offers maximum personal and operational safety

The VAMOCON switchgear cabinet system with type approval in accordance with EN 61439 for power distribution up to 5000 A is quick and easy to install because it consists of just a few intelligent parts and can be used with all standard circuit-breakers.

With the intelligent VAMOCON system for low-voltage switchgear, we offer our customers a high degree of freedom and safety. Freedom thanks to the independent, modular systems, which offer flexibility for all applications in industry and building technology. Safety, thanks to a high level of personal and system safety and extensive tests for type approval up to 5000 A.

  • Switchgear combination with type approval up to 5000 A
  • Type approval through testing with switchgear from all leading manufacturers
  • Independent, modular system, available as partially expanded panels
  • Tested arc fault safety
  • Manufactured in Germany on state-of-the-art, highly automated precision equipment
  • Modern, timeless design in all color variants with high-quality powder coating