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Services and Visitor Marketing

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Webinar on the content platform powertage.ch 

On March 15, 2022, we held a webinar on “How to create successful articles on the digital content platform powertage.ch”.   
Here you will find the recording of the webinar with important information and tips for writing good articles. You are also welcome to provide the link to your staff who are responsible for writing your articles. Please start compiling profiles and writing articles now so that you can be found on the platform at the start of the Powertage visitor campaign.  

If you have any questions, the Content Team is happy to help.

Order trade fair services online 

You can order trade fair services and amenities (connections, plants, parking, etc.) using the online form “Services and amenities”. You will also find the document for setup and dismantling times here, as well as the opening hours during the fair. Orders for the services must be placed by April 25, 2022.  

Order form for services

You have already received the booth layout and order forms for additional furniture and infrastructure directly from our booth builder Syma System AG. If you have any further questions about this, please contact Mr. Ruedi Scheidegger directly:  

Ruedi Scheidegger 
Tel. +41 61 686 94 00

The right lead management for your presentation

The Scan2Lead lead management tool allows you to capture your booth visitors quickly and easily. You can conveniently order your Scan2Lead license using the online form. With this system, you keep an overview of the leads and export the data professionally and efficiently. All important information about the Scan2Lead offer can be found here.

To the order form

Book your Company Stage now

Our new offer: Present your innovation or solution at the Speakers’ Corner – the new stage for Powertage exhibitors and partners. Present yourself to a professional audience and in dialogue with leading experts in the Swiss electricity industry.  

Innovation Pitch: 2 exhibitors and 1–2 startups present their new products one after the other.   

  • Length of presentation per person: max. 5 min, followed by Q&A
  • Total length: max. 20 min   

Price for exhibitors CHF 500  

Products & Solutions: 2 exhibitors present their new products one after the other.   

  • Length of presentation per person: max. 10 min, followed by Q&A  
  • Total length: max. 30 min   

Price for exhibitors: CHF 800  

Book now to join the Speakers’ Corner

Invite your visitors!

Take the opportunity now to let your visitors know about your participation in the Powertage. To do this, you can download templates for online ads through our website (link) and use them for your mailing. Starting in April 2022, the Exhibitor Service Center will have your personal ticket quota for a fee-based day ticket, which allows you to quickly and easily invite selected customers. From then on, tickets can be purchased and vouchers redeemed through the Powertage Ticket Shop.  

Overview of Ticket Quotas 

Fee-based vouchers for one-day guest passes, depending on the package booked*.

  • 10 m2 = 4 units
  • 20 m2 = 8 units
  • 30 m2 = 16 units
  • 60 m2 = 24 units

Overview of Quotas for Exhibitor Passes/Booth Staff Passes 
Free exhibitor passes, depending on the package booked* incl. entry to the Powertage forum.  

  • 10 m2 = 3 units
  • 20 m2 = 6 units
  • 40 m2 = 10 units
  • 60 m2 = 15 units  

* Co-exhibitors and participants at the xplor Startup Village will receive 2 fee-based vouchers for daytime guest passes and 2 exhibitor passes/booth staff passes. 

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