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zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA

In the energy and infrastructure industries zenon offers sector-specific advantages to keep your energy utility on top. From power generation to distribution and smart grids, a number of well-defined industry standards, such as the ISO, ISA, IEEE and IEC.

The zenon Energy Edition is a comprehensive software platform developed for the automation and control of power generation, transmission and distribution systems. zenon includes the features you need to meet scalability, security and connectivity challenges. The powerful integrated platform also includes features that allow you to improve operational efficiency and lower project costs:

  • Substation automation: Use zenon Energy Edition to easily and securely operate an automated substation, either locally or remotely.
  • Distribution management systems: Make more informed decisions with zenon's electrical grid visualization, reporting and archiving tools.
  • Renewable energy: Whether you're generating energy with solar power equipment or managing a wind park, zenon provides full visibility into your renewable energy operation.
  • Hydropower plants: Hydropower plants benefit from zenon Energy Edition's comprehensive reporting and large driver library, which allows you to easily connect all subsections of a plant.
  • Energy storage: Manage multiple energy storage systems and substations from a single application, keeping implementation costs low and simplifying communication.
  • Public transport: zenon also offers solutions for other smart city infrastructure. Automate substations on railroads and ensure prompt response to incidents with alarming features.