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Powertage 2024: Anniversary edition addresses pressing concerns of the Swiss electricity industry

The Powertage will take place from 4–6 June at Messe Zürich. The platform for the Swiss electricity industry combines knowledge transfer, networking & information in a single format, and celebrates its 20th anniversary in June 2024. Some 150 exhibitors & 2,200 trade visitors are expected to attend.

Originally organised by ineltec and first held in 2004, Powertage brings together important companies, experts and opinion leaders from the Swiss electricity industry every two years. Together with the leading associations Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE), Electrosuisse, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and swissmig, Powertage promotes the discussion of current, complex issues. This tenth edition will focus on four key topics, which will be represented in the Powertage specialist forum and the exhibition. 

20 years of innovation and visions for the future – a focus on key industry topics

Renewable power supply
If Switzerland is to achieve its energy and climate targets, it needs a massive expansion of domestic production from renewable energies. This expansion of solar and wind power must take place as soon as possible in order to meet the future increase in electricity demand due to the decarbonisation of the transport and heating sectors. How can we speed up the necessary procedures? And how can we simultaneously ensure that the scale of protection versus benefit is balanced for each project, in order to increase the chances of acceptance?

Security of supply in Switzerland
The expansion of winter production – especially with hydropower, alpine photovoltaics and wind power – is essential for reducing the risk of any shortages during the cold season and for reducing Switzerland’s dependence on other European countries for electricity imports. How do we successfully expand and modernise the Swiss network at all levels? And how do we create the necessary accelerated procedures and clear framework conditions?

Digitisation and artificial intelligence
The energy supply is becoming increasingly decentralised and therefore more complex. We need digital technologies to handle this increasing complexity and ensure system stability. The new data collection options offer energy suppliers numerous new opportunities. How can we use machine learning and AI applications as tools to make the electricity supply even safer or to optimise the electricity trade?

Changing skills
The transformation of the energy system is not only taking place on a technological level, but also has a significant impact on energy industry professionals. Modern technologies require new skills from the next generation of specialists. In order to meet these requirements, training and further education must be updated accordingly. At the same time, however, the know-how and extensive experience of experts are also in demand. How can we support the necessary exchange between generations?

Initial highlights from the forum programme

In addition to the exhibition featuring some 150 exhibitors, Powertage will also present a first-rate forum programme – the first highlights of which include: 

A secure power supply with renewable energies
Power grids are the backbone of a secure power supply. The rapid increase in new renewable energies requires a change in thinking. At the same time, the opportunities presented by the transformation of energy systems must be utilised in a targeted manner. Adrian Häsler, Head of Grid Infrastructure at Swissgrid, will get to the heart of the matter in his keynote speech at the Powertage expert forum on Tuesday, 4 June 2024. He will outline what the grid of the future will look like and what roles Switzerland, Europe and, in particular, politics will have to play. The subsequent panel discussion will focus on the direction that the national vote on 9 June 2024 will set, as well as the current challenges at cantonal level. Adrian Häsler will be joined on the panel by Jan Flückiger, General Secretary of the Energy Directors of the Cantons EndK, Michael Frank, Director of the VSE, and Benoît Revaz, Director of the SFOE. 

Knowledge management is central to the success of the practical implementation of our energy transition. Leading experts are working together on current challenges via digital and analogue platforms. They document the solutions in technical brochures that are available worldwide. This involves not only technical components, subsystems and storage, but also system management, asset management, market regulation, environmental performance and cybersecurity at all grid levels. On Wednesday, 5 June 2024, Rudolf Meier, President of CIGRE CH, Managing Director of EnerTrans, and Division Manager of EVT at Bouygues Energies & Services will give an overview of and show practical examples of how to use the platform efficiently. This keynote will be followed by presentations highlighting trends that have to be mastered: artificial intelligence, cyber security, the integration of electromobility and the use of power electronics in power grids. 

A guide to shaping the future
On Thursday, 6 June 2024, the expert forum will focus on transformation and collaboration. True change cannot be achieved with knowledge and skills alone – it needs a cultural shift toward a climate-friendly future. In his keynote speech “The Power of Imagineering”, transformation researcher Jörg Metelmann sums up what this looks like in real terms. Expect surprising new perspectives from the HSG titular professor! Finally, the panel will get down to business together with representatives from the field – Franziska Barmettler, Zurich Cantonal Councillor and Head of Sustainability at IKEA Switzerland, Alexander Keberle, Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Energy Dossier at economiesuisse, and Alena Weibel, Head of Corporate Communications at Axpo Group.

You can find the complete programme for Powertage 2024 at in the menu item “Program”. Tickets for Powertage can now be purchased at

Powertage 2024 –The meeting place of the Swiss electricity industry

  • Event dates, opening hours: 4 to 6 June 2024, Tuesday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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  • Organiser: MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG, Powertage

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