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Lovion Work Management

Lovion Work Management includes modules that are implemented similarly in all technical processes. This includes managing and tracking the status of processes, resources and appointments. This is also possible for contracts derived from the enterprise system.

Tasks are used to manage Processes

Processes in Lovion BIS are managed through tasks which play a fundamental role in work management. Tasks are either created manually, for example in a construction project or automatically. The trigger for creating rule-based tasks is usually a contract or a notification from SAP (for example, maintenance planning in PM) or a maintenance plan defined in Lovion WORK.

Dispatching Resources and Material

Tasks are dispatched in an interactive Gantt diagram via the module Lovion DISPATCH. Employees and resources are incorporated into the planning and if necessary, material is reserved in SAP MM.  Tasks can be approved and planned in more detail in a stepwise workflow involving different employees, for example, the team for work preparation and the manager of network operations.

Processing Tasks on PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

Assigned tasks can be edited on Microsoft Windows-based devices such as PCs, Laptops or tablets and on smartphones/tablets using the iOS or android operating system. With Lovion TASK (Windows) and the Lovion TASK APP (iOS and Android), a tailored product is available for each platform.

Possibilities with Lovion Work Management: 

  • Uniform approach for maintenance work, construction projects and metering services
  • Maintenance planning in SAP PM or Lovion
  • Reference to the SAP system via orders, PSP elements or notifications
  • Capacity and resource planning
  • Managing material resources (e.g. excavators, welding equipment)
  • Material planning and third party services
  • Mobile execution on smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Time and material reporting
  • RFID, barcode and QR code identification

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