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Augmented Reality for Surveyors and Network Operators In the Lovion SURVEY APP, measurements can be easily carried out using only the smartphone or tablet, directly in the video image.

Surveying with the Smartphone or Tablet

After the measurement project has been created in the Lovion SURVEY APP, operational equipment is directly measured by clicking in the video image. As a result, equipment is photographed automatically. In order to obtain a transformed field book directly in the field, there is an option to capture reference objects such as building corners, manhole covers, boundary stones or other known points. All measured reference and line objects are exported as files together with the photo documentation. In addition, sketches can be generated as a field book in PDF format to efficiently document the measurement.

Specially developed for on-site Installation Technicians

The Lovion SURVEY APP was not only developed for surveyors, but also for installation and service technicians as well as engineering companies. This means that installations and fittings are immediately recorded on site. Specially trained surveying technicians are no longer required to be in the field for simple surveys such as house connections. This saves valuable time and money as well as ensuring that documentation is carried out at the open trench.

Accuracy 10-20 cm

Surveying accuracy varies on each device. For example, when surveing a house connection (approx. 20 meters), accuracies between 10 and 20 cm can be achieved with Apple devices equipped with inertial sensors. Survey results are immediately available for inspection in the office and can be transferred to the existing documentation.

Combination with GNSS receivers

The Lovion SURVEY APP can also be connected to a GNSS receiver to achieve a higher accuracy within the centimeter range. In combination with GNSS, measurements can be made by holding up the tip of the rod or by aiming at points via the reticle. Holding the rod at an angle is also supported.  During the measurement, all parameters such as the number of satellites and current accuracy are displayed. The measurable feature classes are identical to the data model used in AR measurements without GNSS. Likewise, all measured points are documented with a photo.

Surveying operational Equipment

When using a GNSS receiver, existing assets can be displayed and marked on site. A theme menu is used to virtually display plans from Lovion BIS onto the smartphone so that equipment can be localized precisely.

Continuous Data Flow

While the Lovion SURVEY APP can be used completely independently, the APP is also ideal to be integrated into Lovion BIS. In addition to accessing plans, tasks for surveying can be scheduled in work management. This means that all relevant information about the construction process is available in the field. These options are rounded off by a TRACK & TRACE interface by Georg Fischer where construction sites are documented. Equipment that was documented on site during the construction phase can be identified by QR or bar code. Furthermore, the correct position is recorded during the survey.

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