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Due to the increasing changes in electrical networks, load flow information is becoming more and more important, for distribution network operators especially also in combination with power quality data.

For many distribution network operators, corresponding information at network level 7 (low voltage) is either not available at all or only inadequate. Without a proper smart grid solution, this would be equivalent to "flying blind". Since many consumers are increasingly also producers, i.e. so-called "prosumers", new technical as well as commercial solutions are increasingly in demand. Intelligent metering systems (smart meters) are of no help here, as they are only suitable for grid management to a limited extent due to data protection rules and also insufficient performance, among other things.


  • Metrologically certified PQI according to IEC61000-4-30 Ed. 3 class A as a basic device
  • A scalable system for the areas of certified power quality as well as for load and efficiency management for up to 10 feeders
  • An optional basic current measurement (e.g. directly after the transformer) with high accuracy due to current transformer sensors
  • 3 or 4 channels via Current Link per feeder (max. 32 currents)
  • One measurement campaign time-synchronized for multiple feeders as opposed to the traditional measurement campaign per feeder
  • Direct compliance reporting and event display by PQEasy reporting via the web browser (e.g. according to EN50160)
  • Time-synchronous fault recording of voltage events with currents of the individual channels (IEC61000-4-30 Ed. 3)
  • Time synchronous load management for U/I/P/Q/cosφ
  • Current measurement per Current Link channel up to 1'000A and overcurrents up to 20'000A
  • Network tariff meter P & Q (purchase & delivery)
  • Upgrade to control task in smart grid (e.g. PQ grid utilization)
  • System management by means of a user-friendly multi-device tool for easy commissioning and efficient maintenance
  • Large distribution systems (feeders) are continuously monitored with only one metrologically certified measurement system
  • Low space requirement due to single voltage measurement
  • Low wiring effort based on the scalable current sensors
  • No need to shut down the plant for installation of the measuring system due to the non-invasive Rogowski measuring technique (Attention: observe occupational health & safety)
  • Very high robustness due to proven coaxial principle
  • Current values are time-synchronous to voltage (IEC61000-4-30)
  • Optional fault recording in case of short circuit
  • Various communication interfaces (Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, REST API, IEC61850, Cloud with MQTT, Webbrowser) allow high connectivity flexibility to parallel as well as higher-level systems
  • Multilingual
  • Fast roll-out with robust measurement technology

Areas of Application

  • Monitoring of low-voltage feeders in transformer stations
  • Monitoring of industrial power distribution systems
  • Energy optimization through identification of load behavior
  • General smart grid applications

A SMART-GRID SOLUTION with a scalable measurement system.