News & Innovation Powertage 2024

Interference-free thanks to optimum voltage quality

Camille Bauer now offers a comprehensive assessment of the compatibility between the electricity fed into a grid and the consumers connected to this grid.

Distribution system operators assess grid perturbations in accordance with technical regulations, e.g. DACHCZ, before new customer systems are connected or installation changes are made. Until now, there has been little or no possibility to check the grid feedback of customer systems during operation using measurement technology, e.g. according to the criteria of DACHCZ Ed. 3.


  • Metrological verification of compliance with harmonic limits in report form

  • Identification of customer systems with impermissibly high grid perturbations

  • Recognition of existing interactions between the grid and the customer system
    (e.g. compensation effects)


  • Avoidance of investments in unnecessary mitigation measures

  • Consideration of faults in the neutral conductor for customer systems remote from the transformer

  • More reliable operation of existing and future grids with more efficient use of the grid infrastructure

  • Increased security of supply

  • No in-depth knowledge required to evaluate the harmonic contribution

  • Unknown system parameters can be replaced by standard values


4 functions in one device

  1. Fault recorder using event recording in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3, Class A
  2. Conformity assessment of the power quality (e.g. according to EN 50160, IEEE 519, GB/T ...)
  3. NEW: Evaluation of harmonic emissions (e.g. according to DACHCZ Ed. 3, IEEE 519, DTR, IEEE 1547, GB/T...)
  4. Recording of load profiles, short-term load peaks and meter values