Interview Powertage 2024

Global knowledge platform CIGRE gains in importance

CIGRE is a global knowledge platform headed in Switzerland by Rudolf Meier. Switzerland is an active participant. Meier will report on this at the Power Days on 5 June at 9 a.m.

36 papers on innovations from Switzerland have already been submitted for the CIGRE session taking place in Paris from 25 to 30 August 2024.

The larger Swiss grid operators with their own high-voltage grid and Swissgrid regularly utilise the opportunities offered by CIGRE and are involved as members. Manufacturers are also very active. "The platform is still somewhat less well known among smaller grid operators," says Rudolf Meier in an interview published on the Powertage content platform.

Nevertheless, Rudolf Meier is satisfied with the activity of CIGRE users from Switzerland. The 36 papers submitted on innovations correspond to around five per cent of the total number of papers submitted worldwide. The level of activity has tripled within six years.

eCIGRE offers a wealth of valuable technical information, knowledge from the best experts worldwide. "Technical Brochures" are valuable reports on results and often also de facto standards, resulting from the "Working Groups". All content is free of charge for members.

Rudolf Meier will present the work of CIGRE in detail at the Power Days on 5 June at 9 a.m. in Hall 7. Read the interview on the Powertage content platform.