Economical solution for the conversion of power lines

Optimise the existing electricity grid infrastructure, increase supply security and save money at the same time. Axpo's insulated suspension chains make it possible to increase the transmission capacity of the grid while retaining the overhead line pylons.

Voltage increases in the electricity grid improve its performance and reduce losses. But these can entail lengthy planning approval procedures and require large investments if the pylons are changed. This can be avoided with a clever innovation from Axpo: Thanks to insulated suspension tensioning chains (iTAK), the tension can be increased even though the masts and suspension points remain the same. 

The mast geometry can be maintained while complying with the legal distances. Thus, expensive reconstructions of the mast infrastructure and extensive approval procedures can be avoided. 

With the insulated suspension chains, Axpo has developed an economic, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for optimising the existing grid installations. 

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