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Discover Adaptricity.Plan: Your all-in-one tool for network planning

Simply maintain or import models, and you'll instantly access load flow, short circuit, and more – all with just one click! Welcome to the future of network planning.

Adaptricity.Plan – how it works

Adaptricity.Plan, the foundation of our product range, offers a variety of features that can be immediately employed in day-to-day grid planning activities. Manage your grid models directly in the software or import it using any of a wide variety of grid importers. As soon as your grid model is uploaded, everything else becomes quick and easy:
All calculations in the grid model - power flow, short circuit, grid reinforcement, or connection requests - are a single click away.

  • Comprehensive grid model editor with schematic and map-based display
  • Basic functions for power flow and short-circuit calculations with different algorithms
  • Connection requests (according to DACHCZ or VDE application rules) and grid reinforcements
  • Protection devices in medium and low-voltage networks, with fuses and definite-time overcurrent protection and distance protection
  • Calculation of the hosting capacity for new generation or loads
  • Grid stress test for current status or future scenarios (Monte-Carlo simulation)