Everything about visitor marketing and advertising

Visitor marketing Ticket quotas and advertising opportunities 

Our Exhibitor Service Portal is now ready. Your quotas for daytime guest passes and exhibitor passes are stored in this portal. You can now send your tickets directly to your customers and employees through the portal.  
Please note that all booth staff must be registered in the portal before the Powertage commence.

Summary of the quotas:  

Fee-based vouchers for one-day guest passes, depending on the package booked*.

  • 10m2 = 4 units
  • 20 m2 = 8 units
  • 40 m2 = 16 units
  • 60 m2 = 24 units

Exhibitor ID cards/booth staff passes  

Free exhibitor passes, depending on the package booked* incl. entry to the Powertage forum.

  • 10 m2 = 3 units
  • 20 m2 = 6 units
  • 40 m2 = 10 units
  • 60 m2 = 15 units  

Exhibitor passes are stored as permanent passes. Please let us know in writing if you prefer day passes due to changing booth staff.  

*Co-exhibitors and attendees at xplor Startup Village will receive 2 vouchers for daytime guest passes and 2 free exhibitor passes/booth staff passes.  


Our Ticketing/Cash Team is available to answer all your questions about the Exhibitor Service Portal: 

ESC und Online Shop, Ticketing/ Cash Messe

+41 58 206 34 10

Banner for your visitor advertising

We have put together various banners for you to download here so that you can attract your customers to your presentation at the Powertage. You can use these for your invitations.  

If you need more formats, please feel free to contact us. 

Advertising opportunities on site

Some advertising opportunities are also available on site. All offers can be found in our document. If you have any questions about advertising opportunities, please contact Frank Stegerer.

Scan2Lead – Your Lead Management Tool

The Scan2Lead lead management tool gives you the ability to capture your booth visitors quickly and easily. You can conveniently order your Scan2Lead license using the online form. With this system, you keep an overview of the leads and export the data professionally and efficiently. All important information about the Scan2Lead offer can be found here.

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Book one of the free seats for the Speakers’ Corner now 

There are still seats available for the Speakers’ Corner. Take the opportunity to present your innovation to a wide audience.

Our new offer: Present your innovation or solution at the Speakers’ Corner – the new stage for Powertage exhibitors and partners. Present yourself to a professional audience and in dialogue with leading experts in the Swiss electricity industry.  

Innovation Pitch: 2 exhibitors and 1–2 startups present their new products one after the other.   

  • Length of presentation per person: max. 5 min, followed by Q&A
  • Total length: max. 20 min   
  • Price for exhibitors CHF 500   

Products & Solutions: 2 exhibitors present their new products one after the other.     

  • Length of presentation per person: max. 10 min, followed by Q&A  
  • Total length: max. 30 min   
  • Price for exhibitors: CHF 800   

Join the Speakers’ Corner now