Speakers Corner: Product & Solution

IT Infrastruktur und Cyber Security mit Dätwyler IT Infra AG, Energy Data Hackdays und Narrowin

What are the latest innovations, the best products and solutions in the industry? In the Speakers Corner you will get to know start-ups, established companies and research teams and gain valuable insights in short presentations. Come along and be inspired!

Successful transformation in ICT

In the past, IT problems were solved by adding new technical features. Products were usually differentiated by the number and characteristics of these features. Today, however, performance, reliability and ease of use are no longer defined by technical features, but rather by the seamless interaction of different systems across an entire value chain, i.e. a value proposition from A to Z. Successful transformation in ICT today requires intelligent system landscapes that can be expanded in a modular, scalable and secure manner.

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A digital twin of theIT & OT network for security and stability

Narrowin, a deep-tech company that emerged as a spin-off from the University of Basel, has set itself the task of simplifying the management and security of networks. At the heart of this mission is the lightweight Network Explorer, which enables companies such as production companies, infrastructure operators and public utilities to automatically generate a manufacturer-independent digital twin of their existing IT and OT environment. This digital twin makes it possible to obtain a live image and thus reduce complexity, according to the provider's promise. Based on the virtual image, it should be much easier to derive suitable measures to improve the stability and security of a network.

Open innovation using the example of the Energy Data Hackdays
Hackathons have been a tried and tested means of developing innovative solutions and designing prototypes since the 1990s. Data plays a central role here, especially in the energy sector, in order to recognise synergies and create new services. Hackathons bring together various players in the sector, such as analysts, programmers and students, who work together on solutions. The Energy Data Hackdays are a Swiss-wide meeting place for the energy sector, where partners pose energy-related questions that are worked on with the help of participants and data.

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Speakers (3)

Thierry Kramis

Thierry Kramis

Seabix, part of Dätwyler IT Infra AG, CEO

Matthias Eifert

Matthias Eifert

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, senior research associate

Tim Senn

Tim Senn

Narrowin, Co-Founder