Know-How Powertage 2024

The potential of existing hydropower plants

Hydropower resources will play a central role in the coming years. The rehabilitation of hydropower plants is an opportunity to adapt to the changing needs of the energy system.

Innovative modernization measures and state-of-the-art technologies increase the profitability and extend the service life of your hydropower plant. The advantages of our solution-oriented refurbishment or modernization concepts are:

  • Increase in annual production
  • Extending the service life of hydropower plants
  • Fulfillment of modern market requirements
  • Long-term optimization of the plants

At our two ANDRITZ Hydro locations in Switzerland, KRIENS und VEVEY, a high level of expertise with extensive experience is available to you for your projects. 

Modernization of a hydropower plant is an extremely complex issue. Aging of the various plant components and systems depends on operational, environmental and ambient conditions. Based on well over a century of hydropower experience, ANDRITZ has developed a structured process for assessing and modernizing hydropower plants in the most economical way. This systematic approach ensures tailor-made solutions that guarantee the maximum benefit for asset owners and operators.


Our approach is based on a profound understanding of our customers’ machinery together with individual inspection and specific repair needs. All the required data, parameters and measurement results are registered, thoroughly assessed, and evaluated during this phase. This forms the basis for design evaluations.


During this phase, our engineers focus on root cause analysis using modern in-house calculation tools for hydraulic and electro-mechanical design, as well as thermal distribution. The calculation results are validated with measurements and operational data coupled with the comprehensive design knowledge of ANDRITZ engineers.
Knowing the root cause is the basis for the design of unique solutions matching the specific hydro turbine and generator and avoiding a repeat of the same issue.


We develop suitable scenarios to address the root cause of machine failures. These scenarios are evaluated and finally the most appropriate, feasible and economic solution is selected by the customer. The selected solution may also include conducting temporary repairs to keep the equipment in operation until a planned outage is possible in order for the final repair to take place. This reduces downtime and the related costs to a minimum for optimized life cycle costs.

The implementation of maintenance and modernization measures for hydropower plants also requires a fully equipped, local service workshop.

Our plant in Kriens offers the full range of service work on around 5,000 m2, where the systems and components of hydropower plants are overhauled and manufactured. This includes in particular:

  • Service on turbines and shut-off devices
  • Mechanical processing of large and production of small parts
  • Impeller service
  • Coating technology
  • Surface treatment, corrosion protection
  • Assembly and disassembly in the factory and on site
  • Vocational training in a practice-oriented environment

The following test rigs are also available at the Vevey site:

  • Wear test bench (coating technology)
  • Hydraulic laboratory for model tests with Pelton constructions