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The new Cellplux series

Learn more about BBC Cellpack Electrical Products Separable connectors for switchgears, transformers and junction boxes. Umax up to 36 kV and In up to 1250 A

What is a separable connector?

Screened separable connectors from BBC Cellpack are used for connection of MV cables to switchgears, transformers or other equipment, equipped with an outer cone bushing according EN 50180 and EN 50181.

Screened separable connectors are touch-proof and suitable for quick connection and disconnection of cable line. Besides of that they don’t require maintaining phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth air clearances and can be used in the most compact locations. They differ by type of fixing to the bushing: bolted or sliding (pin) contact type. Screened separable connectors from BBC Cellpack are made of EPDM which provides excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Product portfolio includes solutions for bushing with interface types A, B & C.

There are T-shaped, elbow and straight separable connectors. There are symmetrical and asymmetrical T-shaped separable connectors. Symmetrical separable connectors have two similar standardized ends (for interface types of bushings provided in EN 50180 and EN 50181). Asymmetrical T-shaped separable connectors have standardized front end (connected to bushing) and not standardized rear end, which differs from producer to producer. Asymmetrical T-connector is the most demanded product of them.