The future of network automation

The Netcon 200 elegantly combines protection, communication, monitoring and control of secondary stations. It is a next-generation intelligent RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). Thanks to its compact and modular design, the Netcon 200 can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to any substation.

The Netcon 200 is a smart RTU for monitoring medium-voltage feeders along with the remote control of switching devices on them. Standard
protocols and interfaces make its connection to other systems straightforward. Compact yet modular in structure, the Netcon 200 is easily and economically customised for and integrated into each substation.

Integrated feeder protection
The Netcon 200 can also offer a separately licensed, integrated feeder protection functionality that trips the circuit breaker on a feeder when
triggered by the relevant fault stages. It can thus replace the separate protection relays traditionally deployed at secondary substations 

  • Improve network availability
  • Monitor and optimise your network
  • Manage your substations centrally
  • Customise to your own requirements
  • Prevent cyber security threats 

Every distribution network operator today is aware of the tight availability requirements that societies are setting for the benefit of end customers. Since most network outages are caused by faults on the medium-voltage (MV) side, the obvious solution is MV monitoring with fault detection and the remotecontrol of MV switching equipment. This is what the Netcon 200 was designed to provide.