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SILOVEDA Energy Manager

The SILOVEDA Energy Manager module covers energy data management (EDM) and other needs for the Swiss electricity and gas market. Thanks to easy-to-understand operation, the Girsberger system is equally suitable for regional and municipal utilities.

SILOVEDA Energy Manager
The SILOVEDA data management system automatically imports measurement and master data via interfaces from SmartMeters, classic meters, control systems, loggers, laboratory systems, etc. and archives them all in the SILOVEDA database. Measurement data are refined and are available to users as reports, diagrams or value tables, or are exported specifically. Instead of countless Excel applications, calculation aids and scattered data repositories, there is a single, powerful system for every need. 

The liberalized electricity market has numerous requirements that need to be met. SILOVEDA Energy Manager targets the Swiss market and meets the current standards. 

  • Management for metering points, meters, market actors, etc.
  • Handling of market processes Switzerland according to Meteringcode Switzerland
  • Balancing under temporal consideration of supplier changes
  • Automatic plausibility check and substitute value creation
  • Standardized exchange of metering data according to ebIX
  • Cost calculation for complex tariff systems
  • calendar-dependent calculations and processing
  • swissmade and service from the swiss manufacturer