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New safety standards for cutting high-voltage cables: protection against tension and thrills

It is not always possible to identify a cable to be worked on with absolute certainty. In order to protect the worker, safety cutting systems are therefore used to determine the absence of voltage in accordance with DIN VDE 0105 T.1, section 9.6.4 (07.83).

In modern network electrics, the safety of workers is a top priority. Cutting cables, especially at rated voltages of up to 60 kV, is often a challenge, as it is not always possible to clearly determine whether they are de-energised. This is where the new B68RC3-120 and B68RC3-96 hydraulic cordless cutters from Cembre come into their own.

These innovative devices are equipped with a wireless radio control system that offers a range of up to 20 metres and allows the operator to work from a safe distance. The integrated wireless sensor works without batteries and is maintenance-free, which increases the reliability and longevity of the system.

The B68M-P18-KV-RC3 pump is the centrepiece of these cutters. It is lightweight, compact and designed for mains-independent use. Thanks to SMARTOOL technology, operating data can be easily displayed and downloaded, further increasing efficiency and safety.

A pressure sensor and safety valve ensure maximum precision and safety. The Li-Ion 18.0 V-7Ah battery ensures high capacity and long operating times. An OLED display shows important operating information in real time, making operation even easier.

These new cutters set new standards in terms of safety and efficiency when working with high-voltage cables.

Radio-controlled-and-designed-for-remote-cutting-operations-for-smarter-and-safer-working.png (0.2 MB)


  • 20 meters radio control operating range
  • Intelligent auto-return at the end of the cycle (Smart Release)
  • OLED multifunctional display with touch button
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor (EPS)
  • SMARTOOL technology for viewing and downloading operational data
  • Wireless blade sensor (no batteries)
  • Double acting with radio control or manual intervention
  • Pressure release button
  • Audible and visual indication of operational progress, completion and alarms
  • Anatomical shaping for more convenient and practical handling
  • Li-Ion 18.0 V-7Ah rechargeable high capacity battery
  • Automatic battery connection system with release button

  • Maximum cutting diameter B68RC3-96 95 mm 
  • Maximum cutting diameter B68RC3-120 120 mm

  • Battery material Li-Ion
  • Battery voltage 18 V
  • Battery current 8 Ah
  • Nominal pressure 729 bar
  • Pump length 417 mm
  • Pump width 212 mm
  • Pump height 236 mm
  • Pump weight 6.2 kg

10m high-pressure hose, with rotatable Q14-F connection on the pump and oil-loss-free 3/8" NPT quick-release couplings

  • Weight of B68RC3-96 head 9.5kg
  • Weight of B68RC3-120 head 10.9kg