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New network - StromCircle

A platform for innovation and shaping the future of energy - FHNW launches the "StromCircle" network together with the Pfiffner Group and Brugg Cables

New components and operating concepts for electrical grids play a vital role in a sustainable energy supply. The FHNW School of Engineering, with its industrial partners Brugg Cables and the PFIFFNER Group, is founding the StromCircle network to ensure that innovation and training are guaranteed for future grids.

The network focuses on specific activities and projects that promote cooperation between industry and the university.

Well-trained specialists for the Aargau region

"With StromCircle, we want to ensure that we train and develop the right people as qualified specialists and promote innovation in the field of energy supply. Last but not least, promoting the location is also one of our goals," explains Prof. Dr. Doris Agotai, Head of Research and Development at the FHNW School of Engineering.

Combating the shortage of skilled workers with the practice-integrated Bachelor's degree program

"The energy technology sector has a wealth of opportunities," emphasizes Dr. Jürgen Bernauer, CEO of the PFIFFNER Group. "Through this network, we aim to attract talented individuals seeking a meaningful career and aspire to make a significant impact." Like many others, the energy sector grapples with the challenge of finding enough qualified personnel. To address this, we have introduced a unique form of study- the practice-integrated Bachelor's degree (PiBS). In collaboration with the FHNW, this program is designed to inspire high school graduates to enter the profession directly, offering them a suitable engineering degree and a promising career path. The dual study program commenced successfully in the autumn of 2023, marking the beginning of a transformative journey for these talented individuals.

Close collaboration between industry and universities

The program's success is rooted in the close collaboration between industry and universities. The two industrial partners, Brugg Cables and the PFIFFNER Group, have a rich history of successful research and student projects with the FHNW. This collaboration is set to deepen in the future, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. The program focuses on three subject areas that are intricately linked, all revolving around the transformation of energy production. This makes the entire sector an exciting field of research, inviting all stakeholders to contribute to its growth and development.

Firstly, the sustainable energy supply itself. This includes renewable energy sources and sustainable and resource-conserving components for the infrastructure that transmits and distributes the energy generated. Secondly, the electrical grids are becoming increasingly important thanks to the switch from large, centralized power plants to decentralized, irregularly producing solar power plants.

The third important topic is the storage of electrical energy. This is also related to the increasing amount of solar and wind power: Unlike large power plants, energy is not necessarily produced when needed but when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. This calls for short-term battery storage and seasonal storage.

Launch event at the FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch

To mark the official launch of StromCircle, the three founding partners hosted a launch event at the FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch on January 29, 2024. Around 40 people from various institutes and departments took the opportunity to network and learn more about StromCircle. A network that is set to grow in the future with additional companies from the energy technology sector:

"New components and operating concepts for power grids play a crucial role in the search for a sustainable energy supply," explains Gianluca Vettese, CEO of Brugg Cables. Our vision for the next five years is that this network will not only grow but also become an incubator for innovative solutions that revolutionize the efficiency and reliability of energy infrastructure."


StromCircle offers a platform for innovation and for shaping the future of energy. As an ecosystem of industry and academia, StromCircle aims to tackle the challenges in the field of electrical energy together.



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