Know-How Powertage 2024

Jörg Metelmann's ode to the solar panel

How should energy sector companies tackle the transformation of the energy system? Through imagination, says Jörg Metelmann in an interview with energie inside.

Jörg Metelmann researches societal transformation at HSG. At the Powertage, he discusses the future of the energy sector. 'It requires perseverance,' he says. 'Transformations span generations. We've been in the carbon-capitalist world for 150 years.'

It takes time. It takes the imagination of a Walt Disney, who connected his fantasy with engineers' imagination and essentially reshaped the world. Jörg Metelmann shares a similar vision.

'Imagineering combines imagination with implementation, and in the West, we lack a bit of that sense of possibility. That's why Harald Welzer and I wanted to reintroduce the term from Walt Disney into society: We need to dream together, not just in theme parks in Peter Pan's fantasy castles.'

In his books and research, he ponders how imagination can shape life. He also addresses concerns about the image of an untouched landscape supposedly marred by solar and wind power plants. 'As we move away from fossil energy, the landscape changes. The underground forest is burned; now the surface returns with solar parks.'

He will present his transformational tune at the specialist forum on June 6, 2024. 'We need an ode to the solar panel, hymns to the wind turbines!'"