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For systematic line and fault location

The Ferrolux® RX2 audio frequency receiver combines several functions and puts them in one device to locate lines and cable faults with a high level of precision.

This means that the highly precise receiver is able to deliver clear results, even in areas with lines that are routed closely together.

Longer tasks are easy as the device weighs very little and provides a clear and intuitive display of the measurement results.

Combined with the audio frequency generators in the Ferrolux ® FLG series, even joints and cable faults (e.g. short circuits in wires) can be located with precision. This is all possible thanks to a continuous display of the installation depth and signal current, as well as automatic supporting functions (e.g. the minimum turbidity function).

GPS coordinates can be integrated via a Bluetooth interface. All measurement data can be displayed graphically on a computer or on the display, which is still legible even in bright sunlight.