Products & Solutions Powertage 2024

For security of supply and energy efficiency in the low-voltage grid

Feeder focused and synchronized measurements in the low-voltage grid prevent faults and outages. Multichannel power quality and load flow for network level 7 (low voltage).

Two innovative variants support this:

  • The LINAX® PQ5000 MOBCL portable load flow meter for the simultaneous & feeder focused recording of all load profiles, including recording the voltage quality
  • The portable power quality and load flow measuring device LINAX® PQ5000 MultiPQ for simultaneous & feeder focused recording of all load profiles, including comprehensive power quality analysis per feeder

Your benefit:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the power quality for all feeders (MultiPQ only)

  • Time-synchronous recording and analysis of up to 9 feeders simultaneously

  • Only one measuring device instead of nine expensive individual devices saves money

  • Only one measuring device reduces the installation effort enormously and saves time

  • Only one evaluation instead of nine individual reports increases efficiency

LINAX® PQ5000CL-Multi PQ