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Energy efficiency through storage

Reducing the impact of CO₂ on our planet is dependent on all of us using a much higher proportion of renewable energy. But how to use clean energy when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing? Energy storage systems from Eaton help you do that.

Energy storage enables you to store energy whenever it is available and release it when needed. By gaining greater reliability and independence, you avoid potential dips in the grid supply. This transformational technology is revolutionizing energy for all of us.

Take the step into a more sustainable future

Take control of your energy supply while reducing your costs. Eaton offers energy storage solutions for homes, commercial or industrial buildings, as well as systems for utility grids. With our energy storage systems, you gain access to safe, reliable and efficient energy management to realize the full potential of renewable energy.

xStorage Compact energy storage system 

Eaton's xStorage Compact energy storage system enables property owners and facility managers to meet the energy management challenges of their small and mid-sized commercial and industrial sites. It helps them store energy from renewable sources or the grid to improve the building's energy efficiency as well as its carbon footprint.

Benefits of xStorage Compact:

  • Flexible storage system for peak load reduction, load shifting as well as back-up power function.
  • Maximization of self-consumption of renewable energies and integration of EV charging infrastructure
  • Scalable, modular and quick to deploy
  • Safe and reliable with tested systems, controls and a proprietary battery management system (BMS)
  • Small system footprint - Less than 1 m²/rack.

Learn more about the xStorage Compact energy storage system.

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